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Join the friendly competition to see who can bike to work the most

From May 12  to May 16, the Bike to Work Challenge takes place.  It is a weeklong competition to find the office in New York with the highest percentage of people who get to work by bike. All workplaces in the five boroughs are welcome to join the challenge, whether you have one employee or thousands.
Put your employees or co-workers to the test by challenging your team to log the most trips by bike during the week leading up to Bike to Work Day.

To register, go here: http://biketoworkchallenge.bikenyc.org/accounts/register/

Your One-Stop Guide to All Biking News in the Media

  1. The Epoch Times published a Q & A with Kenneth Podziba, the President of Bike New York,  a nonprofit that plans the annual TD Five Boro Bike Tour, the largest cycling event in the United States. After completing two Bachelor’s degrees from Syracuse University, he dabbled in real estate and was  the official sports commissioner under the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations.
  2. New York Daily News reports that a 340-pound retired leader of a Crown Heights school plans to haul himself onto an old Fuji bicycle and ride in the Tour de Brooklyn to raise money for farmers markets in some of the borough’s poorest neighborhoods.
  3. May is the League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Month, next week is “Bike to Work Week” and May 16 is “Bike to Work Day.”
  4. The number of people who commute to work by bicycle increased about 60% over the past decade, while the number of people walking to their jobs remained stable, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
  5. Are drunk cyclists subject to the same rules as drunk drivers? Josh Zisson is a Boston-based bike lawyer who answers this query on Gizmodo.
  6. Six years ago, Abe Burmeister searched for a pair of good-looking pants that he could wear as he biked to work. When he couldn’t find them, he founded Outlier, a fashion-forward clothing line that’s since been embraced by urban cyclists.  Gizmodo has the details.




Cycling in the News

This Is New York: Kenneth Podziba, President and CEO of Bike New York

Meet the new head of one of the city’s largest bike organizations. Kenneth Podziba formerly spent time in the city administration as the city’s first sports commissioner. Now, as the head of the organization that plans the TD 5 Boro Bike Tour, the largest such event in the U.S., Podziba says he is approaching his job with a balanced mentality. “I always try to do the right thing because I believe in karma,” he said. “I trust that it will come back and things will work out.”

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